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Legislative & Regulatory Representation

If the law, regulation, or policy affects your business, NUCA of New Jersey and NUCA national are there.  Our lobbyists walk the halls of Capitol Hill and the New Jersey state legislature every day in pursuit of a broad range of legislative goals to protect you.


Conferences, Committees, & Events

Bringing the utility and excavation construction industry together is one of the leading principles of NUCA of New Jersey.  Whether it's opportunities to serve on the Board or various committees, to attend the many events both in-state and around the country, or to take advantage of the educational and safety trainings offered, membership will open the door to new, profitable relationships.


Knowledge is power which is why we want you to have the best trained and most safety conscious employees possible.  Through a whole host of programs designed to make this a reality for your company, NUCA roundtables, webinars, newsletters, forums, and hands on trainings, will provide every opportunity to better develop your executives and workforce and stay ahead of the curve.

Professional Development & Training


Running a business comes at a high cost.  So whenever we find a way to lower your overhead and negotiate a special price exclusively for our members, we do it!

Exclusive Deals for NUCA Members