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Announcing "NUCA WINS" Incident Recording App

NUCA WINS (Workplace Incident Notification System) is an incident recording app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that employees of NUCA NJ member companies can easily operate to document a situation at the point-of-occurrence, in real time. In a matter of a few minutes’ incidents such as these can be easily and completely documented by supervisors or superintendents:

  • Injuries and Illnesses

  • Property, Liability, Utility Strikes

  • For Record Only

  • Near Misses

  • Safety Observations

  • Fit For Work Screenings

NUCA WINS is designed by industry experts to prevent the negative outcomes of delayed and inaccurate workplace incident reporting. This app can help mitigate upward-spiraling claims costs, fraud opportunities, contentious utility damage claims, avoidable legal actions, and needless delays in recognizing employee health issues. By implementing a real-time, point-of-occurrence incident recording app in mobile devices, authorized users can report a variety of events as they are happening. This will eliminate the inaccuracy of completing incident reports at the end of the day or week when memories have faded or changed.

On September 1, 2020 at 2pm EST, NUCA and its app partner Compatica will be holding a webinar to introduce NUCA WINS to NUCA members and the industry. These experts will demonstrate the app's ease of use, and its many uses to record incident information as it occurs.

Please register here for the September 1 webinar.

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