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Association Supports Addition of Fair & Transparent Design Build Procurement

At a recent meeting of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee, NUCA NJ supported legislation that would establish a design build procurement process throughout the state. While our Association strongly supports the current low bid procedure that forms the bedrock of public contracting, design build represents another tool in the toolbox that can create additional work and bring complicated jobs that have remained on the shelf for decades to fruition. Staff further supported amendments that would ensure a very transparent and fair process so that public owners choosing to advertise a project in this manner must justify the use of design build over the standard low bid procedure and set forth very clear submission criteria and evaluation standards to name but a few additional safeguards. NUCA NJ thanks Senator Troy Singleton and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald for their leadership on this issue and will continue to make sure that the bill progresses in such a way that protects the contracting community.

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