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Disappointment an Understatement on Governor Murphy's FY2024 Budget

NUCA NJ recently lent its support to UTCA and other organizations from the business, environmental, and labor sectors, as well as from many communities from across the state, in seeking a robust increase in clean water funding in the FY2024 budget. Despite this widespread support and a bipartisan sponsorship in the legislature, the actual funding ended up being only a small fraction of the $700 million sought by the coalition.

Earlier this year, Governor Murphy committed to a substantial investment in clean water; but now, with this disappointing number, New Jersey residents are left in a very similar situation as last year—with lead pipes and PFA’s still posing very real risks. This will force us to rely heavily yet again on our allotment of federal funds, which cannot meet the need for safe clean water alone. In light of this budgetary loss, NUCA NJ will amp up its efforts to lobby for more funding from Congress should it become available while continuing to help state partners battle for a stable, annual funding allocation from NJ.

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