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Federal Funding Update: Impasse Continues

As we continue to ensure that New Jersey receives all of the monies assigned to it from the recently passed $1.2 trillion funding initiative, further impasses remain. Even though the bill is now law, the Federal Government's FY2022 appropriations process is in turmoil and the resolution which is required to provide the funding to the states expired on February 18th. A temporary resolution was recently approved to buy some more time but only until March 11th. Should that deadline pass without further action there will likely be delays in allocating money to the states. NUCA New Jersey will continue to work with members of the delegation, including Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, a member of the Appropriations Committee, to seek passage of the long-term measure and not temporary fixes to stabilize the predictability of funding so that project planning can take place by public owners and work put on the street.

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