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Gov't Affairs Teams Continue Work with U.S. Senate on FY2021 Water Appropriations

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The NUCA National and NUCA NJ Government Affairs teams continue working with the United States Senate on FY2021 Water Appropriations. These appropriations represent the lifeblood of publicly bid work in our State. You will remember that back in July our Association at both levels successfully lobbied the House of Representatives for historically robust funding. Negotiations are ongoing and several scenarios can play out including the Senate reducing funding levels, or more likely, a continuing resolution to temporarily address the problem and buy a few more months. NUCA National and NJ staff continue to argue for the funding levels in the House bill (HR 7608) which includes:

$1.639 billion in regular funding for the Clean Water SRF

$1.126 billion in regular funding for the Drinking Water SRF

$10.2 billion in additional emergency funding to the Clean Water SRF and Drinking Water SRF

$6.355 billion for the Clean Water SRF, exempt from caps

$3.855 billion for the Drinking Water SRF, exempt from caps

$1.45 billion for rural water and waste program loans

Doubled funding for lead pipe replacement

$610 million in water and waste grants for clean and reliable drinking water systems

$1.055 billion in rural broadband through ReConnect

$6.9 billion in loan authority for rural electric and telephone infrastructure

New Jersey would stand to gain a great deal from these increased appropriations. We will continue to work with our National to ensure that this funding becomes law.

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