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"Imagine A Day Without Water"

Along with NUCA National and hundreds of other groups, our Association joined in supporting the sixth annual “Imagine A Day Without Water” day last week. The goal of the event is to raise the public’s awareness of not taking clean water for granted and to highlight the growing need for increased investment in our nation’s water infrastructure systems.

NUCA member Garney Construction of Chantilly, Virginia is one of those organizations recognizing the importance of clean water and building and maintaining our national water infrastructure. The company’s 2020 video supporting “Imagine A Day Without Water” can be viewed here.

Our Association strongly supported the Water Quality Protection and Job Creation Act (H.R. 1497). The bill was sent to the full House by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in September, but has not been scheduled for a vote by House leadership. We believe that an event like this will focus our leaders' attention on water infrastructure will demonstrate to Congress why H.R. 1497 and other infrastructure legislation is critical to ensuring that we never experience a day without water.

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