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Nixing Keystone XL Marks an Inauspicious Start for Biden

The Biden Administration has touted for months the imminent outpouring of economic stimulus dollars centered on infrastructure spending. Biden's recent decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project however, a project that wasn't even a new idea, actually sets our country back instead of doing something more to rebuild. Our industry is therefore worse off a week into the Biden era and a move like this one should be cause for concern.

National CEO Doug Carlson was quick to speak publicly on the matter, joined by chapters like ours in strongly urging the President to reconsider. Aside from the obvious and immediate lose of good paying jobs which will further damage the economy, he also pointed to the lose that will be felt by pipeline equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

While the pipeline does not directly impact our state, there are pipeline projects in our region that face a similar fate with this precedent. A signal of this magnitude by the federal government will leave further pipeline construction in the North East in doubt. NUCA NJ will continue to lobby our contacts within the Biden Administration to reach a different outcome that does not potentially threaten work on both new and existing pipelines in our geographic region.

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