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NJ I-Bank Executive Director Briefs NUCA NJ

On a recent call, NJ Infrastructure Bank Executive Director David Zimmer briefed NUCA NJ staff on the Environmental Infrastructure Trust funding program. The EIT program is responsible for providing low interest rate loans to municipalities, counties, authorities, and water purveyors for the purpose of financing water quality infrastructure projects. Many local public projects are funded through the work of this very successful financing agency. It appears that after having one of its most prolific years in 2020, having funded over $800 million in water projects, this year will be almost as robust. This is great news for our industry, which can expect many projects to be bid this year. Mr. Zimmer indicated that he was happy to continue the dialogue with our organization. For more information on projects that are being funded, or scheduled to be funded, by the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust funding program, please reach out to our office.

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