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NUCA Backed Permitting Reform Makes Debt Ceiling Deal

As part of our recent Washington Summit, NUCA NJ joined NUCA chapters from across the country and met with key members of Congress to push for important issues in our industry. One of the key asks was in the area of permitting reform—removing unnecessary red tape so that projects are not bogged down in bureaucracy for years, sometimes never to see the light of day.

The result is that the newly passed debt ceiling deal now addresses permitting reform, requiring coordination between agencies on federal infrastructure projects, and not the punting back and forth fight that is so often the case. While the language in the bill does not go as far as the HR 1 proposed legislation, NUCA’s efforts, along with some other business groups, helped keep this issue in the forefront of consideration and safe from removal. In addition to changes in agency cooperation, there will also now be a critical two-year time limit for agencies to make decisions on projects and the same time frame will also apply to environmental impact statements/assessments.

Further permitting reform will be on our agenda, but this represents an important first step and a demonstration of how important it is for our industry to have influence at the national level.

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