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NUCA NJ Continues Work to Rein In Traffic Control Costs

Led by NUCA NJ Board Member Dave Rible (also in his capacity as UTCA NJ Director of Labor Relations) and NUCA NJ Vice President Jeff Waters, work continues to be done to standardize the oftentimes outrageous administrative costs associated with a town's implementation of uniformed traffic control. This money should be used for construction, not siphoned off. Members of the industry group recently took part in another productive call with key stakeholders representing the police, various municipalities, utility companies, and the NJ Department of Community Affairs, the governmental entity with jurisdiction over the matter. Our ultimate goal is to have the Department promulgate regulations that will bring these costs down and make this an easier process for the contractor and utility company. We thank our friends at the NJ Utilities Association and their members for their continued assistance on this issue.

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