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NUCA NJ to DEP: Don't Let New Treatment Plants & CSOs Stall Out

NUCA New Jersey is weighing in with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as they develop rules to promote environmental justice in overburdened communities. Projects such as new water treatment plants and possibly the expansion of existing plants, as well as large CSO projects, will have to survive a new review by the DEP if located in one of these jurisdictions. Our Association seeks to ensure that when one of these instances comes up, the project doesn't simply become stalled out with never-ending requirements and constantly moving goalposts. Treating wastewater and fixing CSOs are a necessity and oftentimes where to do it is not based on opinion but the facts on the ground. Along with our industry partners UTCA, ELEC 825, and others, we are seeking to make an impact on the rulemaking process.

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