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NUCA NJ to US EPA: Pay Our Fair Share

New Jersey is getting is shortchanged on lead service line replacement dollars by the Feds, currently receiving the second least amount of money earmarked for this work in last year's historic infrastructure funding law (IIJA). The inequities are stark - $138 per line vs. Hawaii at over $10,000. If EPA only does what is required by a 2018 law, though, and complete its DWINSA survey, then the allocations will be more reasonable. NUCA NJ has been working directly with our Congressional delegation to fight for more money. Several members have already signed on to a bi-partisan letter from Congress to the EPA on this, led by Rep. Pascrell. Rep. Gottheimer, whose office we also visited in DC, is also making direct appeals for the money to be dealt with more equitably. This is a great example of what makes NUCA NJ important to the industry because National issues really matter and have enormous consequences too. We will continue to work with Congress to ensure that New Jersey gets its fair share of lead replacement funding.

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