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White House Seeks Input from NUCA on Buy America Provisions

So many decisions that are made in Washington D.C. have a direct impact on your business here in New Jersey. Provisions of the Build America, Buy America Act are a great example as they require federally funded infrastructure projects to source US made materials and products. As nice as this sounds, the practical implications of these requirements can be unattainable or have a tremendous impact on a project. For this reason, waivers were established for certain instances when buying American is impossible or exceptionally cost prohibitive. Recently, the White House invited NUCA to meet with the Office of Management and Budget to help better understand the industry's perspective. Members of NUCA NJ have provided valuable feedback that will go directly towards shaping the evolution of this Act. Please stay tuned for further updates by the NUCA government affairs team as we stay at the frontlines with them in DC.

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