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Work Far from Over on Securing Historic Funding

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The fight to ensure that New Jersey receives all of the money it deserves from the recently passed $1.2 trillion funding initiative is far from over. Even though the bill is now law, an appropriations bill is required to allocate the money to pay for it. If an agreement is not met on the federal government's FY2022 appropriations bill when the present continuing resolution expires on Feb 18, there will be delays in implementing the infrastructure bill's allocation of resources to the states. NUCA National is working with senior House committee leadership and NUCA chapters around the country are reaching out to their delegations to alert them that all of their hard work and the historic accomplishment that they achieved for the Nation's infrastructure will be affected by this dispute if not resolved in the coming weeks. This incident underscores the fragile nature of any funding that comes down from the federal government, but also of the importance of your NUCA teams at both levels to protect our industry's interests.

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